Shakti Goddess Calendar


Change the Norm:
Embody Your Definition of Feminine Beauty

Too often women are sold a very narrow definition of beauty and femininity. These narrow definitions are not only limited but also cause harm to girls and women everywhere.

Shakti in the Mountains wants to change the way our culture thinks about the feminine. We want folks to see feminine images which inspire confidence and self-worth in women. We want girls and women to identify and to embrace what makes them feel good.
We want to change the way people see – not change the way people look.

That is why Shakti in the Mountains is creating a calendar featuring 12 everyday women embodying a goddess of her choosing. Don’t wait ~ Space is limited.




Shakti in the Mountains is a community center for women and the people who support them.
Join us for Walk-In Hours Wednesdays from 3 to 5 pm and Thursdays from 11 am to 1 pm. Read, drink tea, knit, relax… and enjoy the quiet.
We exist to foster that creative energy we all have that somehow gets lost in our day to day living.  Do you have any endeavors that make your heart sing?  If not, Shakti in the Mountains is the place for you to re-discover your passions.
We are a tribe of imperfect people who are creating a community where being real is encouraged, where having fun is expected and where love flourishes.
Check out our events, pick one and then come visit us.