Shakti Book Club

August 25, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Shakti in the Mountains
409 E Unaka Ave
Johnson City
Tennessee 37601
Kim Bushore-Maki

The Door by Margo Szabo

For our next meeting, Shakti Book Club is reading The Door by Margo Szabo. Please read and join us to discuss.

Everyone is welcome.

Please join us, there is no charge and we are so excited to share our readings with you!

Let us know you are coming. RSVP on our Facebook Event Page.

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A busy young writer struggling to cope with domestic chores, hires a housekeeper recommended by a friend. The housekeeper’s reputation is one built on dependable efficiency, though she is something of an oddity. Stubborn, foul-mouthed and with a flagrant disregard for her employer’s opinions she may even be crazy. She allows no-one to set foot inside her house; she masks herself with a veil and is equally guarded about her personal life. And yet Emerence is revered as much as she is feared. As the story progresses her energy and passion to help becomes clear, extinguishing any doubts arising out of her bizarre behaviour. A stylishly told tale which recounts a strange relationship built up over 20 years between a writer and her housekeeper. After an unpromising and caustic start benign feelings develop and ultimately the writer benefits from what becomes an inseparable relationship. Simultaneously we learn Emerence’s tragic past which is revealed in snapshots throughout the book.


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