WANTED: GODDESSES for Shakti Calendar Project

Change the Norm: Embody Your Definition of Feminine Beauty

Too often women are sold a very narrow definition of beauty and femininity. These narrow definitions are not only limited but also cause harm to girls and women everywhere.

Shakti in the Mountains wants to change the way our culture thinks about the feminine. We want folks to see feminine images which inspire confidence and self-worth in women. We want girls and women to identify and to embrace what makes them feel good.

We want to change the way people see – not change the way people look.

That is why Shakti in the Mountains is creating a calendar featuring 12 everyday women embodying a goddess of her choosing.


Goddesses are archetypes, or old patterns, which help us to understand the feminine. Many cultures created strong, female deities to reflect the richness and diversity of the feminine energy they saw all around them. When you embody a goddess, it is an invitation to re-remember the deep-seated, feminine qualities she represents.


Always wanted to get your Aphrodite on? Feeling the fires of Kali? Want to shower the world with Kuan Yin’s compassion? Now is your chance. Be one of the original 12 Shakti Goddesses and have your image, your Goddess interpretation, immortalized in the first ever Shakti in the Mountains’ calendar.

Now you get to tell the story of the feminine – not some advertising executive on Madison Avenue.


Yes, you will have fun and feel pampered as a Shakti Goddess. And yes, you will both feel and look amazing, but the best part is you can feel good guilt-free. That’s because the Shakti Goddess Calendar is donating all proceeds to the non-profit organization – Shakti Rising.

Shakti Rising is a social change organization transforming the lives of women, girls, and the larger community. They cultivate the health and emerging leadership of women and girls, ultimately empowering them to utilize their personal transformation as a catalyst for positive change in their families and communities.

Shakti Rising has an amazing live-in program for young women: women who need a safe place to heal and to grow. The Transformational Recovery Program offers feminine, evidence-based treatment for women who suffer from a wide variety of mental health issues. Because Shakti Rising does not turn anyone away due to money, donations are greatly needed and appreciated.

See, you are making a difference.


Every women who agrees to be a part of the Shakti in the Mountains Goddess Calendar receives the following:

Goddess Guide Workshop: Meet the other calendar goddesses and participate in a fun, interactive workshop designed to help you pick your goddess. Guided by Kim Bushore-Maki, this 2-hour workshop will get your creative, intuitive juices flowing as well as offer mindful practices to help you flesh out your interpretation of the goddess.

One-Hour Studio Consultation: Our creative team will work with you to bring your goddess archetype to life through assistance with wardrobe design*, hair/makeup styling, and posing/lighting/direction during your photo shoot. Meet with the creative team to stage your personal photo shoot. Make sure you get what you want.

Three-Hour Photo Shoot: From styling to make-up to photography, your model-style, studio photo shoot will last approximately 3 hours. 

Post-Session Image Reveal: Meet with the photographer to pick the images you want. Each participant will receive a matted 7″ x 10″ print of their calendar image as well as a digital copy for personal use. Participants are not obligated to purchase additional image products, but they will have the option to add prints and other image products if desired.



Elissa Wood
Elissa WoodElissa specializes in styled portraits and intimate boudoir photography. She has been creating art through the medium of photography for 40 of her 52 years (professionally since 2006) and is a member of the Professional Photographers of America. In 2010, she fell in love with boudoir and beauty/glamour photography which ignited her passion for helping ordinary women discover their own beauty and self-worth through the portrait experience. Elissa provides a safe space and gentle support for clients to explore such emotions as vulnerability, longing, desire, joy, confidence, pleasure, and more during their portrait sessions. Photo shoots will take place at her Johnson City, Tennessee studio in Northridge Centre at 3119 Bristol Hwy. Suite 305. Click here to learn more about Elissa.


Ren Allen
Ren AllenRen is an admitted Tea-aholic, lover of birds, student of life, mother of many, and companion to one. She lives and works in the mountains of Tennessee, creating glamour with makeup and shifting self-image with bodypainting. When not working, you can usually find her in the garden, or cuddling cats. With bigger ideas and dreams than time, she continually uses what she has to create events supporting other bodypainters in the region and sharing bodypainting as a Fine Art form. She showcases her art wherever creative minds and artful hearts take her. Click here to learn more about Ren.


Shonda Westbrook
Shonda WestbrookBorn and raised in Texas, Shonda has happily called the Tri-Cities home for the past 14 years. As a previous hair salon owner and California-trained stylist, she has brought her ever evolving and extensive repertoire of hair artistry to East Tennessee and is grateful to have amassed a very loyal (and lovely) client base. As a devoted mother of three very busy kids, SteppenStone is a charity close to Shonda’s heart. She is proud to say that she has donated her time and creative skills to style the Tri-Cities Dancing With The Stars contestants’ hair for the past six years and looks forward to many more! Click here to learn more about Shonda.


JUNE 24 from 10 am to 12 pm: Goddess Guide Workshop with Kim at Shakti in the Mountains

JUNE: Individual pre-session consultations with Elissa. Goddesses purchase or create their costuming*, consult with Ren and Shonda regarding styling.

JULY 14, 15, 16: Goddess Calendar Shoot Weekend. Elissa provides a safe space and gentle support in her her Johnson City, TN studio.

AUGUST: Individual Image Premier appointments and selection of calendar images

*Participants must provide their own costuming, but we are happy to loan anything in our studio wardrobe as finishing touches. We will discuss wardrobe extensively at your pre-session consultation.


Because the proceeds of the calendar are going for a good cause, the creative team is donating a portion of their time and expertise. For this reason, we are able to offer a model-style photo shoot and professional make-up and hair style session at a greatly reduced rate. I am very grateful to Elissa, Ren and Shonda for their help as well as their belief in this cause. You all rock!

Your experience:

~ Goddess Guide Workshop

~ Studio Consultation

~ Photo Shoot

~ Post-session Image Reveal

The total investment is $450
Proceeds benefit, non-profit organization, Shakti Rising.

To be a Shakti Goddess, you may reserve your space by paying the amount in full or by paying half now and the remaining balance in person by June 24th.


If you would like to sponsor a woman to be a Shakti Goddess, please send an email to Kim. Your gift will make a huge difference in the life of a woman.

ANY amount is appreciated.
BE SURE to add a note to us in the section on the second screen
so we know that you are donating for the Shakti Goddess Project. Thank you!

Space is limited to 12! To be a Shakti Goddess, you may reserve your space by paying the amount in full or by paying half now and the remaining balance in person by June 24th.

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