New Moon Circle (Online)

Sunday, January 26, 2020 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

You are invited to gather in a sacred online new moon circle for women. Reconnect with your Wise Self, open to the magic that lies within and use your intuition to tune into your soul’s call. Receive support from other women as you practice setting intentions during the dark of the moon.

This circle is a space to share your dreams as well as your fears. This circle respects confidentiality, prohibits advice-giving, and offers compassion.

We will meet at 8 pm on January 26 and February 23. Circles are $13/each. Women only. Registration is needed.

Building Community, Changing Lives

Shakti in the Mountains is a community for women (and the men who support them) to cultivate, nurture and celebrate the feminine.

The feminine is the creative energy present in all humans. It is the power that transforms consciousness itself. The feminine is the fuel we use to generate new ideas as well as the energy we use to take care of what we love. Without the feminine, our world would be lifeless and unsustainable.

We are dedicated to elevating the feminine: to providing opportunities for folks to recognize this innate power and to use it to create health, vitality and joy.

A community that honors diversity, compassion, kindness and respect.

Our programs and services encourage explorIng new ideas, fostering intuition, building confidence and empowering women.

We connect with natural cycles, respect the Earth and honor our bodies. Whether we are digging in the garden, setting new moon intentions or practicing yoga, we recognize our inter-connectedness to others and to our environment.

Shakti in the Mountains is changing lives. Every week new people walk in our doors. Folks are looking for a way to connect on a deeper level and feel less alone. They want a safe space to heal, to learn and to grow.

We are a tribe of imperfect people who are creating a community where being real is encouraged, where having fun is expected and where love flourishes.

Do you have any endeavors that make your heart sing?  If not, we invite you to re-discover your passions.

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