As I reflect on what feels most alive right now, I am struck by a clear message which arose last week during a group meditation: Make a distinction between the messages of your ego versus your soul.

Making this distinction can be tricky, especially because most of have been socialized to value our mind more than our own intuitive knowing. We have been taught that what we can see, touch, hear, taste and smell is better than what we sense in the unseen world of intuition. Furthermore, we frequently talk ourselves out of what we know to be true because it is not logical or rational. In other words, if we can’t explain it with our minds, then the information is devalued or ignored.

Soul listening requires trusting your inner knowing DESPITE what the logical, rational, and let’s face it, scared mind is saying otherwise. Listening to our soul also means developing a relationship with it.

Just like any intimate relationship there is an investment of time and energy. Intentionally setting aside time to tune in and listen to your inner voice is necessary to hearing the messages of the soul.

Another important component to soul listening is trusting what you hear. Trust requires believing the message despite your mind’s attempts to discredit the soul. I do think the mind becomes less suspicious the more you practice AND this is where you have to be so vigilant and ask yourself: What am I really afraid of?

Our mind likes to keep us safe in our comfort zone by throwing up fear roadblocks. Get really good at identifying those roadblocks so you can excavate your fear. There is a difference between fearing the unknown and fearing an attack. Obviously you need to have a healthy fear of people or situations that mean you harm. This fear is different than the fear of change. Humans natural resist change, even positive change. Work through your initial resistance to ferret out your truth. It is the only way to get unstuck.

And finally take action. Just like any relationship, the more you interact with the person and the more you listen, the more they give. Your soul is no different. It likes to be heard, valued and engaged. Take your soul on a date. Show your soul you care by acting on what it is asking of you. Our world needs more soul-driven people. In fact, it is what we were meant to do.

Have a wonderful week!


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