November 6, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Shakti in the Mountains
409 E Unaka Ave Johnson City
TN 37601
Eriel Edwards

It takes mindfulness, introspection, and a willingness to be honest with ourselves about what’s needed to show up, to be present, and to be genuine and authentic in our everyday lives. Our value-system is a guide to how we go about it. This tea is an opportunity to explore the idea that our value-system is deeply personal and sometimes secret, or even hidden. This tea also is an opportunity to explore the cultural values we have been taught, and more importantly, how we actually know them as individuals. The difference between what we have been taught and what we secretly believe can be a source of heart-ache, confusion, guilt, and shame.

Please join Eriel Edwards as she guides an important discussion around the ideas of “value,” “worth,” and “self-care” and how these terms are presented to us in a culture of materialism and the prevalent idea of “work hard, play hard.”

Some questions we’ll be sitting with are:

  • Does our own worth depend on our ability to “be productive?”
  • Is there intrinsic value in being solely, authentically, and genially ourselves?
  • Do our values reflect what is good for us as individuals and our communities?
  • How do our values play into our ideas of “worth,” and in turn, how do we view the notion of “self-care” and the necessity of “self-care?”
  • How do we choose our values?
  • Why do we even need to have values to live by in the first place? Do we need them?

After the discussion, you are invited to play with the concepts of “worth,” “value,” and “self-care” by creating a tea blend that encapsulates the “value-system” you’ve created for yourself. There will be time to share, if you so choose, with the group what your “value-system” is and the tea blend you chose to represent it.

This event is open to all adults. This is an inclusive space, not determined by gender, sexual orientation, or income-level. We do ask, however, to have an open mind. This sort of discussion is not necessarily easy, especially if there’s a hard contrast between your personal “value-system” and what society deems as “appropriate.” Perhaps, too, you may not know what your value-system is. That’s also valid!


We recommend bringing a journal if writing helps you to dig deep. There is no financial cost to attend (donations for the Little Free Pantry are welcomed), though it will require some emotional labor. This event is confidential. We aim to be as authentic as possible with the hope you can be, too.

Eriel Edwards

Meet Your Guide:
Eriel Edwards is a student at ETSU in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program, studying gender and diversity as it pertains to “women’s work.” Her preferred pronouns are she/her, and she advocates for gender equality as a human right. Eriel is deeply committed to authenticity and the strength found within vulnerability. She is also a major fan of silliness and frolicking barefoot in the grass, otherwise known as “joyful grounding.”

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