This past week saw the end of our two, 8-week classes: Salt of the Earth and Women and Money. (If you missed them, don’t worry: we will offer them again this year.) The women who participated were delightful to be with and to learn from.

One of the overarching messages we heard in both classes was “this is real.”

Meaning the way we practice living our lives at Shakti is authentic and natural. Opposed to the dominant culture which tells us that “real” is when we deny our intuitive knowings and conform to externally imposed standards.

I recognize this conformity when:
  • I hear a woman speak about feeling uneasy or confused by other people’s expectations.
  • I hear a woman question her own judgment and doubt her abilities.
  • I hear a woman describe chronic, physical pain in her body.
  • I hear a woman withdraw and isolate herself from others.

Each one of these outcomes is a sign that a woman is being asked to be or to do something against her own knowing, and consequently, is moving into survival mode. I am sure each one of us can add to the above list: remembering a time when we felt suppressed or oppressed and did not know what to do. The danger, of course, is getting stuck there and eventually believing “that is just the way it is.”

Shakti Feminine University classes challenge the belief “that is just the way it is” and invite women to reconnect with their own wisdom. As one woman shared in Women and Money, “We heal something by practicing differently.” Yes we do, and by choosing to act from our heart, we invite others to do so too.

If you also want to experience the profound relief which comes from reconnecting with what is real, I invite you to check out our Winter Schedule which will be published in December. We are in the process of fine tuning our offerings, including adding new Shakti Feminine University classes to the schedule.

In the meantime, you are invited to join us for the last offerings of our fall season which are listed below. I highly recommend attending K.C. Gott’s Intuitive Astrology workshop on December 10 as well as joining us for Stitching for Peace and Love on December 2 or the New Moon Circle on December 9.

We will be closed for Thanksgiving and will re-open on November 26.

May you remember what you are grateful for on this holiday weekend and have a chance to say it.

Love to all,

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