As I write this, snow is starting to fall in East Tennessee. I love watching the great outdoors be transformed by a blanket of white. It looks so magical and invites me to make warm soup and build a fire. The desire to burrow under blankets with a cup of hot tea is also present and encourages book reading and creativity time. For me, these activities are some of the gifts of winter and remind me of the importance of tuning into the energy of the season.

Tuning into energy is an important practice and helps us sync with natural rhythms as well as supports positive interactions with plants, animals and humans. Seasons of the year, phases of the moon, days of the week: each cycle holds a specific type of energy.

For example, the activities that typically occur on a Monday in fall can look and feel very different from the typical activities that occur on a Friday in summer. And I don’t think you would want to host a barbecue on a Wednesday morning in winter, right?

Your desire to do certain activities during certain times of the year or even on certain days of the week is not something that people had to tell you. You instinctively knew what felt good or when was the best time.

Sure some of these decisions are based on your own personal biorhythms. For example, don’t ask me to do any serious writing or studying after 9 pm at night. The best time for me to comprehend is morning, and consequently, I set my day up to take advantage of my natural, morning alertness. (Writing this article is definitely a morning activity for me.)

Another cycle I tune into is the lunar cycle. I have discovered that when I pay attention to and honor the phases of the moon, I experience greater ease in my endeavors. Just like you would not host a barbecue on a Wednesday morning in winter, you would not begin a new project during a full moon. This idea is the equivalent of asking a full-term pregnant woman to renovate her bathroom. Sure she wants a new bathroom but not days before she goes into labor.

Honoring and acting in accordance with the energy of the season, lunar cycle or day of the week is not new. Our ancestors, especially the ones before the Industrial Revolution, did this automatically. Their entire calendar was attuned to natural rhythms, and as a result, their bodies were more in alignment with the natural flow. No daylight savings reminders. No artificial holidays. Instead folks paid attention to what was naturally occurring and followed nature’s lead. And because the adherence to this cycle was done in community, people were supported and even encouraged to listen to their natural biorhythms and needs.

I want to practice what my ancestors knew to be true: that syncing our energy with natural cycles creates flow. I also want to practice this synergy in community which in turns creates more flow.

For this reason, I am offering a circle where women can sit in council with other women and experience the benefits which come from syncing with the moon. This circle, Planting Seeds in the Dark of the Moon, is online, so no matter where you live, you can participate.

You may commit to all five circles or you may drop-in one circle at a time. Whichever option you choose, know that while each circle will have a similar rhythm, the content will change based on the energy of the people present and the sign of the moon.

If you are seeking a closer relationship with the magic that surrounds you, if you are wanting to be in intentional community, then please join us for our first circle on February 4 at 8 pm EST. I look forward to connecting with you.


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