As we enter into the first week of the new lunar cycle, I invite you to reflect on your vision or dream for the new year. It is okay if the vision is not super clear. With time and attention, you will gain clarity.

Regardless of how much clarity you have, spend time contemplating what you want to create, how you want to show up, and where you want to serve. Dream of all the possibilities, including the options that are non-traditional or risky.

Sometimes our best ideas come from thinking outside the box.

You are in the seed stage of this new year: a period of germination or sitting still. This stage of growth can be frustrating, especially if you like to take immediate action or if you think you should know more than you do. Do not fret! In fact, you may experience some relief by giving yourself permission not to act.

Instead of acting, dream and observe where you would like to put your energy. Notice where you struggle to take action and notice where you feel deflated, apathetic or unmotivated.

What lights you up?

Where do you feel most helpful?

What do you want to change most?

Use this first week of the lunar cycle to sit with these questions and record your observations. Notice what patterns and habits emerge. Give yourself permission to be here now. Remind yourself that making effective change requires knowing the facts, even the ones that are unpleasant.

If you are struggling with the information you are receiving, then imagine you are in sitting in a council of wisdom keepers. These wisdom keepers are your allies. They want the best for you. Allow them to communicate with you and to hold you.

There is no rush. You have plenty of time to listen, to learn and to be.


Kim Bushore-Maki


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