As we move closer to the Winter Solstice, the Shakti in the Mountains’ schedule is slowing down. Beginning December 22, we go on hiatus: taking time to review what showed up for us this past fall as well as making plans for the next season.

As we shift into this slower gear, I invite you to reflect on your fall season. Here are some questions to get you started:
1. What are my roots?
2. What is the quality of the soil? (Soil refers to your environment.)
3. What does my lineage offer?

The invitation is to reflect on where you have been helps you navigate where you want to go. The first step to keeping what worked and letting go of what got in your way is awareness. That is why I recommend spending time in reflection and journaling: sometimes you have to slow down before you can speed up.

Another key factor is openness. We can be blinded by what is familiar or by our fear. Sometimes this phenomenon is referred to as “playing small.” Check your biases and assumptions at the door. I like to use the mantra, I wonder what is possible, as a way to keep my options open.

And the reality is sometimes my ego is way too involved – like one of those helicopter parents. If I keep circling back to my original assumption, then I know it is time to consult with a good friend or mentor: someone who won’t tell me what I want to hear but rather will show me what I missed.

Most importantly I invite you to stay curious. Staying comfortable, sticking with what is familiar, keeps you right where you are. Being curious allows you to try something new or look at something in a new way. Our curiosity encourages innovation, creativity and insights: three wonderful ingredients for making new plans.

Want more support? Consider attending our Vision Board Workshop on December 28. Creating a vision board is another tool to help you get clearer on where you are being led.

Have a wonderful week!


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