If there is to be a future,
it will wear a crown of feminine design.

~Aurobindo Ghose

Shakti in the Mountains is a community for women (and the men who support them) to cultivate, nurture and celebrate the feminine. But what does “the feminine” mean and why is it important to cultivate, nurture and celebrate it?

The feminine is the creative energy present in all humans.

It is the power that transforms consciousness itself. The feminine is the fuel we use to generate new ideas as well as the energy we use to take care of what we love. Without the feminine, our world would be lifeless and unsustainable.

Shakti in the Mountains is dedicated to elevating the feminine: to providing opportunities for folks to recognize this innate power and to use it to create health, vitality and joy.

We are a community that honors diversity, compassion, kindness and respect.

Our programs and services encourage explorIng new ideas, fostering intuition, building confidence and empowering women.

At Shakti in the Mountains, we connect with natural cycles, respect the Earth and honor our bodies. Whether we are digging in the garden, setting new moon intentions or practicing yoga, we recognize our inter-connectedness to others and to our environment.
At Shakti in the Mountains, we know and understand that:

  • What we do and say matters
  • Our choices make a difference
  • We have the power to create the change we want to see in the world.
Kim has grown something miraculously healing that touches so many lives.

Shakti in the Mountains is a safe space— a play place, a dance and move and sing place, a don’t-need-to-hide-just-be-who-you-are place. It is a place for joy and for tears. It is a place for planting seeds and growing life. It is a place for being human and honoring the divine feminine that dances in us all.

Shakti in the Mountains is one of those rare and precious seeds that blossoms into a kind of beauty that reminds you that the world is still worth believing in, and that each person has unique gifts to offer that help to create– in the words of Paulo Freire, “a world in which it will be easier to love.”


Shakti in the Mountains is changing lives.

Every week new people walk in our doors. Folks are looking for a way to connect on a deeper level and feel less alone. They want a safe space to heal, to learn and to grow.

When I walk into Shakti in the Mountains I feel warmth, safety and love radiate from within. I’ve come to call this place my haven where I practice yoga, learn about the divine feminine or just steep in the nurturing community.

Kim is an amazing, empowering woman whose vision creates this wonderful space which is a gift to all women and those who support us in the Tri-Cities area.

I’m so grateful to Kim and to have Shakti to come to.

~Sharon T.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does celebrating the feminine mean we reject the masculine?
No, quite the contrary. The masculine energy is to be enjoyed too and used to bring the feminine into consciousness. One energy is not better than the other. Both energies are needed for wholeness. The goal of Shakti in the Mountains is to bring these two energies into balance to benefit us all.
What is a love donation?
A love donation is an opportunity to support the gifts a facilitator or guide brings to the community. (Remember the free workshops? Those workshops are free because someone donated their time and expertise. A little love offering is a nice way to say thank you.) A donation is also a way to support the space. Love donations can be monetary or gifts of time, service or items. It is not uncommon for folks to bring donations of paper towels or to offer to work in the Shakti garden. Many of the furniture and dishes at Shakti are donated items. The Shakti community has helped raised money for a new porch as well as paint rooms. I am only a little biased when I say that Shakti in the Mountains has the best volunteers ever.
Are men welcomed?
Yes, men are welcomed. The feminine energy is present in ALL humans, and therefore, needs to be nurtured in men too. Sometimes, though, we have events that are female only. Those are the only events that men are asked not to attend.
Folks also want a space to share with and to help others. Shakti in the Mountains is very fortunate to attract volunteers who offer their time, talent and services to our community. Our volunteers are why many of our programs and events can be offered for free (love donation). Shakti volunteers make our community resource rich in a way that cannot be measured but is deeply felt.

One way Shakti in the Mountains interacts with and gives back to the community-at-large is through our Little Free Pantry and Little Free Library. Both free-standing structures were built by Shakti volunteers and are located in the front yard. Each structure is available 24/7 and is open to the public.

The Little Free Library came first and houses donated books. Folks can take a book or leave a book. In the two years we’ve supported this structure, we’ve never had any vandalism or run out of books. It’s fun to see what people take and put in the library.

The Little Free Pantry is a relatively new structure and came from a desire to provide people in need with basic but essential items to live. In our pantry you will find food, drink, personal hygiene products and small clothing items like socks and ponchos. While we have a committed group who stocks the pantry, I’ve discovered unexplained donations given by angels who stock the pantry when no one is looking. I love the mystery and know these angels are just one more example of the feminine at work.

The other valuable resource which allows Shakti in the Mountains to offer incredible, free programs and events is our members. Our members are people who believe in our mission and choose to support our community with a monthly donation.

Membership donations are what keep the lights on at Shakti in the Mountains…literally. Just like any house, Shakti in the Mountains has unavoidable costs (utilities, insurance, repairs, cleaning supplies, taxes). Membership donations make a huge difference in the lives of our community and keep our doors open.

It is true: it does take a village.
Creating positive, lasting change takes all of us.


I invite you to come to Shakti and be a part of our beautiful community. Feel what Shakti in the Mountains is all about. Experience the gifts that come from the feminine. And if it moves you, consider becoming a member. It will be money well spent.

Shakti Membership is perfect for people who…
  • Believe the feminine is a powerful, creative life force.
  • Are committed to building healthy, vibrant community.
  • Want to support transformative, healing work.
  • Appreciate out-of-the-box, intuitive-guided approaches to wellness.
  • Enjoy both giving and receiving heart-felt gifts.
Shakti Membership may not be a good fit if you…
  • Support patriarchy.
  • Think one-size fits all.
  • Want to keep the status quo.
  • Ignore the link between personal actions and community health.
I am thankful for the opportunities Shakti in the Mountains provides to connect with other women in a positive, healthy,and inspiring environment, as well as extending out into the larger community.

Shakti in the Mountains shares solutions for a world of peace, of mindful creativity, and of caring, direct connections. Shakti has provided me, as a socially and environmentally conscious entrepreneur, a place to share gifts and recieve gifts in a manner of sovereignty and mindfulness.


Women have a hard time making their own needs a priority. At Shakti you feel cared for and nurtured. It’s like coming home to Divine mother. A safe place to exhale and recharge.
~Morgan C.

I have always been the busy type A person who relegated personal time to tomorrow. In a moment of “OK, I can try this,” I made the effort to go to Kim’s Yoga class. It was the best gift I gave myself this year.

Shakti nourishes your heart, mind and body – even though I initially went to work on my muscular balance and strength. Starting my day at Shakti twice a week gives me a strength in my core I was not expecting. The people are sincere and caring!

I am now a happy type A-, looking to become a B+.


I’m so glad I finally made time to visit Shakti ln The Mountains last December! I was hooked from my very first event and I’ve kept asking myself “Why didn’t you come here sooner?”

With every gathering I attend and every connection I make, I am feeling more and more like this place is home. My heart and spirit find joy, peace, and understanding within these walls.

Thank you, Kim, for your vision and your drive to make such a special place for women to gather to share ideas and give support to one another.


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