Journey with the Moon

An Embodied Approach to Wholeness


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An invitation to listen to your inner knowing, to slow down, and to cultivate health.

Once upon a time, humans lived in partnership with nature.


We rose with the sun and we navigated by the stars. Through careful observation, humans identified cyclical patterns and learned there were better times to plant and to harvest, to hunt and to fish, to build and to rest.

Our ancestors also knew there was magic or personal power which came from our intimate connection with all living things. By listening and tuning into what could be seen as well as felt, our ancestors had additional tools to navigate an ever-changing environment. This knowing made them highly adaptable and provided a sense of comfort.

Over time and with modernization, we moved away from this type of knowing and developed a reliance on human-made devices and artificial schedules. (It is easy to do.) We lost sight of our connection to nature and the gifts we receive from being intimately aware of the larger, living web.

The good news is there is a resurgence in living in partnership with nature.

My story.


I became aware of this resurgence in my thirties. After many years of striving, of feeling like nothing was ever enough, I began to question “the way things were.”

At the time, I was working a full time job with a toddler and a school-aged child. While I enjoyed many aspects of my work, I did not like my schedule. I did not like how much time I spent communicating on electronic devices or working indoors or sitting still. I did not like how tired I felt by the end of the day and I did not like how little energy I had left for my family.

I noticed my partner and I used language like “one day” or “when there is time” or “we’ll get to it when.” Sadly, these arbitrary deadlines never materialized into concrete actions.

Life felt like one big, to-do list, and for a while, I lost sight of what mattered to me.

Then one day, as I was sitting in my mentor’s office, lamenting how slowly the bureaucratic wheels of change moved, I received a much needed, hard truth. My mentor told me that if I wanted to see faster change I needed to find work that fulfilled me and a lifestyle that energized me. I needed, she said, to remember what mattered to me.

Her willingness to hold me accountable is one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given to me. Our conversation that day sparked the next stage of my personal evolution, and eventually led me to where I am today, the owner of a center where the feminine way of knowing and being is celebrated and nurtured.

You are invited.


Journey with the Moon is for women who want a life filled with love and meaning, who see the value in living in harmony with natural cycles, and who need a full cup from which to serve.

Journey with the Moon is an invitation to reconnect, to restore, and to reinvigorate your relationship with both the seen and the unseen world. It is an invitation to listen to your inner knowing, to slow down, and to cultivate health.

When you join Journey with the Moon, you become a part of a community of women who choose to align with nature. A group of women who recognize their power and their resiliency is rooted in a reciprocal relationship with the larger, living web.

Journey with the Moon is designed to give you a better understanding of how natural cycles impact your health, your mood, and your relationships. During each lunar cycle, you are invited to explore the energies present and learn how to work with them.

Journey with the Moon


Each month has a theme as does each season. For this reason, Journey with the Moon is offered three months at a time: so you can feel what it is like to fully immerse yourself in the magic of a season.

Over the course of each season, we will observe and discuss natural phenomena, learn seasonal practices, and explore universal archetypes. We also will tune into our intuition, connect with the unseen, and learn from each other.

During each month of this online journey, you will receive:

  • A beautifully designed, Lunar Lesson for working with the current themes and energies of the month.
  • An invitation to participate in an online New Moon Circle with other magical women.
  • A first quarter moon Check-in Guide
  • A full moon Ritual Video
  • A third quarter moon Check-in Guide

In addition to three lunar journeys, each season includes a bonus, interactive webinar, highlighting a special practice and giving you another opportunity to sit in circle with your sisters.

And, as a thank you for registering for this season of Journey with the Moon, you will receive a recording of the previous season’s bonus webinar.

Register Now


In order to cultivate a sacred container and to encourage closeness, Journey with the Moon is open up until the new season begins. Once the season starts, registration closes.

If you would like to register for the summer season of Journey with the Moon: An Embodied Approach to Wholeness, be sure to sign up no later than July 6, 2021. Registration closes at midnight.

If you need a payment plan, then please email me.

Thursday, July 8 at 8 pm EST
Sunday, August 8 at 8 pm EST
Monday, September 6 at 8 pm EST

*Bonus WEBinar will be announced later in the season.



There are times in life when we meet people we didn’t even know we needed. Kim Bushore-Maki is one of those people for me. Kim is a compassionate and conscientious leader who expertly cultivates a space where all feel welcome. From the first event I participated in, I immediately felt as though I belonged. She has a gift for bringing women together, encouraging all voices to be shared and heard, and fostering a space where you can be vulnerable without fear of judgement. I treasure the opportunities I’ve had to connect with Kim and other women in the Shakti community who have open hearts and minds, hold space for one another, and lift each other up. Every Shakti event is the highlight of my week! —Ashley Cox

Kim Bushore-Maki and the work she does at Shakti in the Mountains is incredibly valuable to our community. The work I’ve done with her has led to huge growth and transformation in my life.

The medicine Kim has to offer is exactly what the world needs. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to work with her. —Morgan

Working with Kim has helped me connect with my inner strength. Her gentle guidance allowed me to break unknown barriers within myself and face traumas to begin the healing process. I am always excited to see new workshops and offerings from Kim! —Rae

The work on wholeness that I’ve done with the support of our Shakti group and Kim has been nothing shy of transformational. Learning to own and honor all of myself—my grief, my joy, my pain, my anger, my fears, my wildness— has opened doors for me I never thought possible. The work is ongoing, difficult, and by far the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. If your intuition says yes to this class, follow it. —Rachel

I have taken a few of Kim’s classes and am blown away with the knowledge and information we are given. Very thought-provoking questions asked that we can journal or discuss within the class. I highly recommend Kim’s classes. She has a wonderful, kind soul and it shows through her workings. —Jennifer

I eagerly registered for Journey with the Moon as I’ve had the opportunity to work with Kim during the Full Moon and New Moon Circles she has offered in the past. I’ve been able to more successfully plan my intentions and focus each month using Kim’s insights and the astrological information she provides. I look forward to this deeper dive into the world of astrology and the increased support from Kim. The classes and workshops I have participated in at Shakti have far exceeded my expectations and provided tremendous opportunities for my continuing growth. —Sharon

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