Little Free Pantry

Would you be able to help?

Please know that every time you donate, you are feeding our neighbors who, in some cases, would not have a meal that day. You can download a shopping list here for possible ideas and helpful tips on what we do and do not accept.

In particular, items needed in the Little Free Pantry are:

  • canned meat (chicken, tuna, vienna sausage, spam)
  • peanut butter
  • bottled water or canned milk
  • canned soup and entrees (ravioli, spaghetti & meatballs, stew, chili)
  • snacks (granola bars, cheese crackers, fruit cups, dried nuts/fruits, pudding cups, cereal)

You can bring non-perishable food donations and put them directly into the Pantry or leave them (or any surplus) on the front porch. Please let me know when you make a delivery. Thank you!

If you are not local and would like to help you may:

  • Order online and have the food donations sent directly to us: Shakti in the Mountains, 409 E. Unaka Avenue, Johnson City, TN 37601
  • Or, send a monetary donation via PayPal and we will go shopping as needed.

On the rare occasion that I meet someone who is getting food, they always tell me two things:

— Thank you.
— I want you to know I never take all of the food.

Isn’t wonderful to know that the recipients of the Little Free Pantry are just as grateful and generous as the givers?

Shared with permission:

“I was buying some things yesterday at the dollar store for the pantry. The clerk made a comment about what I was buying and I told her most of the stuff was for the pantry. The man behind me in line pulled out four 20’s and said, “Use this, I’ve been there.” Another lady gave me $15 and the clerk gave me $7. So, I went to Aldi this morning [and got more food for the pantry]. Thanks for all you do, you can’t begin to know how much I need to know there are people like you and those in line at the Dollar Store right now.”

This story is a beautiful reminder of how generosity and good intentions inspire others to connect with their own values and generosity: there is much love in our community. ♥

As always, we greatly appreciate your willingness to help us feed our neighbors: people who wouldn’t have enough to eat without us.

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