For many of us, this winter was rough. Lots of rain, little sunlight, illness and challenging situations coupled with the cold made it difficult to keep one’s spirits up. Which is why having multiple days of sun last week felt like a breath of fresh air, and I spent lots of time outdoors soaking it up. (If my esthetician is reading this, I wore sunscreen.)

Being out in the sun, moving my body, admiring the budding trees and bright flowers was the perfect remedy for the winter blahs. I felt my winter mantle slough away and my spirits lift.

This is the power of nature, I thought, from the hard ground comes new life.

In the liminal space or transition from one season to the next, I feel the need to proceed slowly – taking nothing for granted. Using every moment I can to pause and to notice what else has bloomed, what new baby bird has flown across the yard, what plant friend pushed itself up out of the earth. I marvel at what challenges were overcome to bring forth this bursting life.

It is a lesson in persistence and faith. Trusting that spring will come even when the days are dark and cold requires an innate knowing, or faith, that winter will not last forever and better days will come.

I am grateful for the resources that helped me navigate this season. In particular I am grateful for my family and my friends, for the work of Shakti and for my inner wise woman. Having people who love you, work which is meaningful and trust in my self sustains me.

I think this trifecta is what sustains many of us. It is certainly what I want to foster in others. I wonder how different our world would be if all of us felt sustained by love, meaning and trust? Would there be less violence, less hate, less greed? Would folks be more likely to listen, to create, to be?

I suspect we would, that is, be more likely to listen, to create and to be. So here is my invitation to you.

Choose one small action to take in the next week that brings you a little closer to what you love, what you find meaningful, what you believe in.

Notice how it feels to take this one small action. What happens when you invest in yourself?

Please share below, if you wish, what happened for you. I’d love to hear.

In the meantime, I feel the need to go soak up some sunshine.



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