Parking at Shakti

Shakti in the Mountains is located in a former residential neighborhood in what is now considered a “downtown mixed business district.” That term is jargon for parking is a premium.

Initially, unless we had a big event, our day customers did not have too many problems finding parking behind the house. With the increase in practitioners seeing clients during the day as well as with the increase of people attending day events, the need to create a traffic flow pattern became necessary.

Below is a diagram to illustrate the new traffic flow pattern. (Please disregard the faded white arrows painted on the driveway.) If you have any questions, you may directly ask the practitioner whom you are visiting or email Kim.

Thank you for helping us make things a little smoother and easier for all who want to visit Shakti in the Mountains.

Parking at Shakti

Shakti in the Mountains is the third house on the right from the corner of Baxter Street and Unaka Avenue. You may park on either side of Unaka Avenue as long as you are not blocking a fire hydrant or a driveway. If you drive a large vehicle (SUV or truck), then we HIGHLY recommend you park on the street. The Shakti parking lot is tiny and does not accommodate large vehicles well.

If you are attending an event after 5 pm or on a weekend, then you may park at Widener’s Insurance located at 607 Baxter Street. Widener has graciously allowed us to use their parking lot after business hours.

There is a parking space in front of the outbuilding. This space is for people who have mobility issues and for unloading.

To access the four parking spaces in the Shakti parking lot, please use the alley located off Baxter Street. Between Widener’s Insurance and a small brick building is the entrance to the alley. (The alley is one car wide and traffic flows two ways. Most people approach the alley from Baxter Street.)

After turning into the alley, you will travel until you see a white fence. To the left of the white fence is Shakti’s parking lot. Do NOT park in the other lots. Those lots belong to other businesses. We recommend taking the first empty parking space on your left. It makes it much easier for the next person to park if you do.

To exit, you may drive down the driveway towards Unaka Avenue. (Unaka Avenue is one way. You must turn right.) You also may pull out and continue down the alley. Please be aware that the street at the end of the alley, Oak Street, is one way. You can only turn right.

If there are no empty spaces in the Shakti parking lot, you may pull through the driveway and park on the street. Please do not park in the grass next to the driveway. Thank you!

Shakti in the Mountains
409 E. Unaka Avenue
Johnson City, TN 37601

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