Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve heard a lot of folks share they are feeling confused, angry or restless.

There is a pervasive mood of uncertainty laced with the question: “What’s next?” I, too, feel this uncertainty and offer the following.

What’s next is an opportunity.

An opportunity to do things differently: to let go of old patterns and habits. Let’s take advantage of all that is being shaken loose and organize ourselves so that we may engage our world in a way that reflects what we value, not what we fear.

There has been a lot of energy put into reacting to what we don’t like. I wonder how it would feel to invest our energy into what we want?

Instead of fanning the flames of resistance to what no longer serves, I propose we activate our own internal fire to serve our highest self and our community. In yoga, this task asks us to open and to use our third chakra, or energy center, called manipura.

Manipura means “lustrous gem” and is located at the solar plexus. The third chakra houses our will and is activated when we combine matter (first chakra) and movement (second chakra) to produce energy.

Think of this system in terms of building blocks. Matter, in this instance, is our physical body. In order for our body to function properly we need to take good care of ourselves. Enough food, enough water, enough rest is essential to being fully present and anchored in our body. Try engaging in a task or conversation when you are hungry, thirsty or tired. It’s not easy or sustainable. So the first step is to provide your body with what it needs to work well.

Movement is necessary to create flow. Life is made up of many continuums: light and dark, hot and cold, solid and air. We flow along each continuum: sometimes aligning with one end of the continuum more than the other, depending on our needs and our goals. Movement, up and down all of the many continuums of life, requires us to tune into ourselves. Listening for what is present, therefore, is the second step.

When you combine matter and movement, you create friction or energy and now have the fuel to achieve what you intend. This fuel is our will and makes us active participants in life. We are not merely victims of fate. We can direct our energy to our highest good, which in turn, serves the highest good for all. Taking action is our responsibility to creating the life and the community we want.

As you explore the first three chakras, you may encounter unfinished business – past experiences which require closure. Know that this is our work, that we all have it, and it is meant to be done in community – not in isolation.

Let me know if I can help.


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