The Shakti Badge Program

The Shakti Badge Program

Part of the mission at Shakti in the Mountains is to provide a supportive environment where people feel empowered and have the tools to contribute to both their own personal well being and to the well being of the community.

Specifically, we focus on tools that foster creativity, teach problem-solving, and encourage self-sufficiency. Our goal is to facilitate skill-building with plenty of opportunity to practice and to receive guidance. To that end, Shakti has created a badge program which makes skill building, and skill sharing, fun.

The Shakti Badge Program is the type of fun that gives you permission to explore new ideas, to try new things, and to shift your perspective. We hope that people who participate in the program not only gain new skills but also make new friends.

As part of the Shakti Badge Program, you have the option of working with a Badge Buddy. A Badge Buddy is someone that will support you throughout your badge journey. A Badge Buddy does not have to work on the same badge as you, rather they can serve as an encourager, and if you want, as an accountability partner. Most importantly a Badge Buddy is someone to have fun with.

You can select your own Badge Buddy or sign up for one at the Shakti Makerspace. Some of the things a Badge Buddy might offer include:

  • Sharing articles and other instructional materials
  • Sharing resources or supplies needed to complete one or more aspects of the badge
  • Providing moral support and a safe space to vent frustrations or confusion with the learning process
  • Sending encouraging texts and/or memes to cheer you on in the process
  • Assistance in identifying and setting goals
  • Checking in on you and your progress on a daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly to keep you motivated
  • Providing accountability that you have completed specific badge requirements
  • Accompanying you on a supply run or on any badge related adventure
  • Providing helpful and constructive feedback
  • Celebrating your success when you have completed a badge

You and your Badge Buddy do not have to be working on the same badge and you do not have to have the same buddy for all of the badges you work on. You can also volunteer to be a Badge Buddy for someone else. We will have a list of potential Buddies available at the Shakti Makerspace.

This is part of the fun of the Shakti Badge experience.

Find a Buddy – Be a Buddy!

Luna McFeisty

A Note From Luna McFeisty:

Because we want the program to be enjoyable, there are no deadlines for completing badge requirements. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace.

To participate in the Shakti Badge Program, you register and pay a nominal fee each season. (The fee offsets the cost of the badges.) Once you register, you receive access to all the badges and their corresponding criteria.

There are three categories for each badge: Learning, Experience and Sharing, or if you will, training, practicing and applying.

Each category will have 1 to 4 criteria and some of the criteria are designed so you can pick what activity appeals to you most. We want folks to feel like they have options and can choose the best way for them to learn or practice or apply a new skill or hone an already established skill. Because Shakti in the Mountains is all about fostering interdependence, each badge provides an opportunity to reduce your environmental impact as well as an opportunity to give back to the community.

The badges are approximately 2.5 inches in diameter and are designed to be put on a sash or a hat or a jean jacket or whatever strikes your fancy. We also plan on having a ceremony each season recognizing badge earners as well as an excuse to eat delicious food together.

Each season the Shakti Badge Team will release new badges. If you have an idea for a badge or want to create one, then please let us know. We welcome your input!

Questions? Check the frequently asked questions below.

To participate in the Shakti Badge Program, register below.

Program runs seasonally, from one Solstice or Equinox to the next.
Once you select SIGN UP you may choose to pay with Paypal or as a “guest” using a card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Shakti Badge program?

Great question, to answer this question and more, check out this interview with Luna McFeisty.

Tea with Luna McFeisty: Shakti Badge Program

How do I get started? I'd like some more details.

Great question, to answer this question and more, check out this interview with Luna McFeisty. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog to see the interview.

Tea with Luna McFeisty: Shakti Badge Program UPDATE – Getting Started

Can you tell me more about Badge Buddies?

Great question, to answer this question and more, check out this interview with Luna McFeisty.

Tea with Luna McFeisty: Shakti Badge Program – Badge Buddies

Can I download the documents?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it.

What happens if I don't finish my badge before my membership expires?

We encourage you to continue to work on your badge and, if you would like, sign up for another season. If you need to skip a season, feel free to continue to work on your badge and, when you are ready, join us for another season and submit to receive your badge during that current season.

How do I submit requirements and receive a badge?

Great question! We'll be sharing details on this as we get closer to the end of our first season.

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