Shakti in the Mountains offers classes, workshops and events that elevate and nurture the feminine.

One way we honor the feminine is by intentionally syncing our schedule with nature’s cycles. Our offerings reflect the current season and invite folks to be present with and to work with the energy most alive at the time.

Another way we honor the feminine is to nourish and support the whole person. Our classes, workshops and events address all of our bodies: the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. Our commitment to the whole person means we have a wide variety of programming that includes, but is not limited to body movement, creativity, sustainability, healing, relationships, transformation, gratitude, leadership, feminine spirituality and social and environmental change.

If our mission speaks to you and you feel that you have a talent or skill that would support our community, then please consider submitting an event application.

To be considered for the winter season (December 22 – March 19),
please submit an application(s) NO LATER THAN November 26.

Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered for the following season.

Because we value your time, please read the facility use guidelines before completing the application. These guidelines let you know what is and is not possible and will help you make a decision about whether we are the right space for you.

Once your application has been received Kim will review your request and get back to you to make arrangements. No reservation is finalized until you have been contacted, the application is approved and a contract is signed.

If you have trouble with any of the links above or the application form, please be sure to email Carolyn. She will be happy to assist you.


Thank you! We hope to see you on the Shakti calendar very soon.

If you are not looking to host a Shakti event, but would like to rent the facility, please click HERE.

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