Last week I wrote about the need to heal – both for our own benefit as well as for our community’s benefit. This week I offer a healing practice which I use with myself as well as with clients.

The below practice is a somatic (body) expressive (art) practice: one of my favorite ways to engage with my intuition and to calm my nervous system. I hope you find the practice supportive. If you wish to share how this practice impacted you, then please drop me a line.

Wishing each one of you much peace and rest,

Kim Bushore-Maki


Using Music and Art to Connect and to Care for Oneself

  • Create a playlist comprised of music which makes you feel alive. Play with different rhythms and notice how the tempo impacts your mood. Make sure to include one mellow, soft song.
  • Pack a knapsack with your favorite snacks, including water or herbal tea, and a blanket to sit upon. Include your journal, colorful writing/drawing implements, and your portable music device.
  • Find a patch of earth where you feel safe and won’t be interrupted. This patch may be in your backyard, next to water, or in the woods. Go where you feel called.
  • After settling into the space, turn on your music and listen. Sense the music first and then move. Abandon your inhibitions and let the music flow through you. Dance, sway, jump, spin. Make big and small movements. Experiment.
  • When you feel complete, when you sense the time to stop, settle on your blanket with your journal and colorful writing implements and draw. Draw what you experienced. Draw your feelings and your sensations. Stay curious and move away from judgment.
  • After illustrating your experience, set your drawing down and reconnect with your surroundings. Imagine you are growing roots and your roots are dropping into the earth below you. What you sense below ground is as important as what you sense above ground.
  • Use the information you gathered from your senses to support your understanding of what you drew. Look at your drawing and find words or phrases to describe what you see and what you feel. Write those words on your paper.
  • As you review the words you recorded, pick two or three words which stand out to you or seem the most significant.
  • Take each word or phrase and make a statement with each one. Begin each statement with “I am.”
  • Read each statement aloud and notice what arises within you. Do the words resonate with you? Do you feel any resistance?
  • Find your mellow, soft song and either stand or sit on the earth. As the music plays, silently repeat the statements you created. Give yourself time to absorb the words and notice if there are any gestures which need to move through you. Trust your body to process your experience.
  • Take whatever time you need to be with what arose. Perhaps you want to journal about your practice or maybe you want to lie on the ground and rest. Be kind to yourself. One way to be kind to yourself is to seek connection with a person who cares and is trustworthy.
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Kim Bushore-Maki is a soul-driven entrepreneur who understands the undeniable urge to create a business and a life filled with meaning and purpose. Her vision of opening a center where women could heal and grow led her to open Shakti in the Mountains in Johnson City, Tennessee: a place where the creative, feminine energy is nurtured and valued.

Five years later, Kim is still in the flow of supporting and building a healthy, vibrant community and now guides retreats, teaches yoga, and provides one-on-one services for women who want an immersion experience into the life-affirming, Shakti energy.

Kim’s training as a therapist and yoga teacher allows her to safely and compassionately guide women on a heart-centered journey to Self, where women re-connect with their beautiful, authentic spirit.

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