Spring is in the air, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, and the energy is rising. But what if you are not feeling so peppy? What if you don’t want to spring clean or start a new project? Now what?

What to do when Spring Fever has skipped you…

1. Make a nest and rest.

Baby birds, who have recently hatched, stay in their nest and let their mamas and papas bring them food. They don’t try to fly. They don’t worry about what other birds are doing. Instead they wait until they grow big enough and strong enough to fly. These same baby birds then spend another 2 to 3 weeks on the ground with their parents, learning how to feed themselves.

Take your time acclimating to the newness. You may be one of those birds who needs more time building your stamina for this new season. (Predatory birds spend, on average, 6 more weeks in the nest than song birds. Perhaps you are one of those badass birds.) Getting more sleep will support your spring transition, especially if you are prone to seasonal allergies.

2. Eat clean and green.

If you are like me, then you ate heavier, cheesier casseroles over the winter. These delicious, carb-rich bites are addictive and hard to give up. (Believe me, I know.) This type of food also makes you feel sluggish, bloated and heavy and really puts a damper on spring fever. Some people have luck going cold turkey. I am not one of them. I don’t like the accompanying body aches, low energy and general irritability when doing so. Instead, I try to gradually incorporate more of what I want in my diet (greens, lean proteins, healthy fats) in attempt to squeeze out what I know makes me feel bad (sugar, white carbs, alcohol, red meat).

I have found that when I focus on preparing delicious meals and eating them with good company, I tend to eat less of what makes me feel bad and more of what makes me feel good. I recommend making meals fun by inviting folks you like to cook with you or to join you in a potluck. Good company and wholesome food makes life rich – not the heavy creams or sugar laden carbs.

3. Create and wait.

You may see a lot of activity around you. People can do some pretty crazy things under the spell of Spring Fever. And it does not mean they are getting stuff done. It just means they are having a hard time managing the rising energy. Instead tap into this energy by letting your creative juices flow.

I have found that going outside with my sketch pad and colored pencils and doodling is a wonderful way to tap into the energy both within and without. It is not about creating a masterpiece, rather this opportunity is an invitation to notice what feels most alive in you and to translate it on to paper using color and images.

Stay curious and let all of your senses tune into the world around you. What do your observations inspire? Allow yourself to play with what comes up and then sit with it. You never know what may come from following your inspiration.

If you try these suggestions and are still struggling, then consider seeking some professional help. There could be an underlying physical or emotional condition that is making it difficult to enjoy life. Instead of judging or blaming yourself, be kind to yourself and get help. You are allowed to feel good.


Kim Bushore-Maki


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