Sometimes our biggest challenge isn’t: Do I have the resources to make my dream come true; rather our biggest challenge is: What if I get what I want?

I have given lots of thought to why getting what we want is so challenging. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • When you get what you want, you have to take full responsibility for your life. You no longer have an excuse for not being engaged. You can’t blame others or life circumstances.
  • When you get what you want, you have to take action. No more sitting on the sidelines or saying, “One day I will…” Every day is an opportunity to create and to execute.
  • When you get what you want, you have to make decisions aligned with your dream and not other people’s expectations. If you want to keep the dream alive, then you have to be able to tell people “no” while simultaneously saying “yes” to yourself. This way of being may challenge previously held beliefs which judged saying no as selfish.
  • When you get what you want, you have to be willing to stand in your power. Standing in your power means all of the above and then some. It means not allowing other people to define you. It also means not being liked by some people. Most importantly, standing in your power means speaking your truth and acting with integrity. We all have seen, or directly experienced, abuse of power. To avoid abusing your power requires honest introspection: knowing what motivates you, then choosing not to use your power to manipulate others. Taking the high road isn’t always easy, especially when you want something really, really bad. Is it any wonder why some folks avoid standing in their own power?

If you want to explore more deeply the obstacles or challenges that prevent you from taking action on your dream, then consider scheduling a 90-minute, Dream Matrix appointment with me.

Before your Dream Matrix appointment, I will look at your natal astrology chart as well as your family genogram to provide a context for your current struggles. (Obviously this prep work will require getting some information from you in advance.) During the actual appointment, you and I will address root causes of your identified challenges and then map out a strategy for addressing said challenges. Follow-up appointments are available as needed; however, you will leave the 90-minute session with a better sense of what motivates you and with a game plan for how to capitalize on your strengths.

To schedule a Dream Matrix appointment, please email me.

I look forward to exploring with you.

Kim Bushore-Maki


Kim Bushore-Maki is a soul-driven entrepreneur who understands the undeniable urge to create a business and a life filled with meaning and purpose. Her vision of opening a center where women could heal and grow led her to open Shakti in the Mountains in Johnson City, Tennessee: a place where the creative, feminine energy is nurtured and valued.

Five years later, Kim is still in the flow of supporting and building a healthy, vibrant community and now guides retreats, teaches yoga, and provides one-on-one services for women who want an immersion experience into the life-affirming, Shakti energy.

Kim’s training as a therapist and yoga teacher allows her to safely and compassionately guide women on a heart-centered journey to Self, where women re-connect with their beautiful, authentic spirit.

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