I was so deeply moved with the outpouring of support I received from you last week. Thank you to everyone who reached out and offered kind words in regard to my father-in-law: I totally felt your love.

This week I am sitting with water. How necessary water is to sustaining life as well as how destructive and powerful (depending on your perspective) water can be.

A lot of us experienced more water than perhaps we wanted with the inordinate of amount of rainfall we had last week. I know I did. Our yard turned into a mud pit and our basement took in water. Not fun!

In the midst of moving furniture and constant mopping, I got real clear on how I want to live. I am tired of all the clutter (there was a lot to move) and am no longer willing to save something because “one day I might need it.” It is time to clear out our house. To let go of “one-day-I-might-need-it” items and perfectly good furniture we are not using. It is time to say no to well-intentioned family members who thought we could use fill-in-the-blank and it is time to let go of old toys which our children no longer use.

I have no desire to Kondo my underwear drawer but I do have a desire to create a beautiful space in which to relax. I suspect that a major contributing factor to the stress and fatigue my partner and I feel is due to our living environment. We are constantly stepping over things or moving around things just to complete daily activities. If there was an Olympic event in obstacle courses, then we would be champions!

But since there is no such Olympic event and because our living space really does mess with our minds, my partner and I made a pact this weekend to seriously declutter our home. We are ready. Which brings me back to the power of water…

Water purges, cleans and baptizes. It supports flow and fecundity. Water can move from a small trickle to a mighty wave. It sustains life and destroys it. How we choose to interact with water is a reflection of our own relationship with power and control. Do we ride the wave or swim against the tide? Do we dam it up or let it flow? The choice is ours.

This past weekend I had no control over the water coming into our basement. All I could do was respond to it and learn from it.

What about you? Do you have any water stories? What have you experienced from water?

Please share and support our collective learning.



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