As we move into the season of fall and feel the cooler temperatures and experience the shorter days, the invitation is to get grounded. This is the time of the year where plants send all their energy into their roots and animals make final preparations for the coming winter months. We, too, need time to care for our roots and prepare our homes. Are you ready to go below the surface, to see what lies buried in the earth?

If this question evokes a niggling doubt or some apprehension, you are not alone. Many of us are out of practice: living lives which encourage us to rush from one activity to the next with little forethought, let alone, time for contemplation. Give yourself space to ease into a more thoughtful pace. I recommend selecting one small change per week: a change which moves you toward a lifestyle that supports reflection, introspection and mindful activity.

Since how we nourish ourselves changes based on the time of year, time of month and day of the week, tuning into the natural world helps us identify what changes we need to make.

As we tune into the energy of fall, I invite you to sit with the following questions:

  • What are my roots?
  • What is the quality of the soil my roots are planted in?
  • What does my lineage have to offer me?

I recommend journaling on these questions more than once. Each time you will learn something new, go a little deeper. Use your reflections to inform the small change you set for each week. Want better soil quality? Then what needs to shift in your environment? Let your inner world inform how you show up in your outer world.

Listening In: Reclaiming Original Voice and Innate Guidance (Thursdays @ 6:30 pm) is a circle designed to support your inner world being reflected in your outer world. We have two spots left for any woman who values self-awareness and who wants to speak and live her truth. Please email me if you have any questions.

Another way to right alignment between your inner and outer worlds is to move your body in a variety of ways. Going for a walk on your break, dancing in your living room, taking a hike in the woods or trying a new activity like yoga or qigong are great ways to wake the body up and support good root growth. Consider attending Qigong class (Fridays @ 8:30 am) or Restorative Yoga class (Mondays & Thursdays @ 8:30 am). Both classes encourage mindful movement and teach inner calm, not only restoring the body, but also reducing anxiety and stress. And who doesn’t need more of that, right?

Lastly I recommend you seek clean, whole food that nourishes your body. Building up your immune system is critical this time of year and requires eating food that is seasonally appropriate and chocked full of nutrients. Root vegetables, whole grains, green leafy vegetables as well as bone broths are excellent foods to support vibrant health. I invite you to notice how you feel after adding one type of immune boosting food to your diet. Remember: start with a small change and see what happens.

As always, I invite you to check out our upcoming events and add at least one to your calendar. Being in community is another antidote to loneliness, depression and poor health.

We invite you to join us!


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