How did you come up with the name “Shakti in the Mountains?”

We wanted to acknowledge and to cultivate the amazing “Shakti” or feminine energy found in our mountains. Our name reflects our vision of nurturing a community in which all parts of the human experience are valued and affirmed.


Are men welcomed?

Shakti is an environment designed to nurture the feminine. We hold space for women to do their sacred work, whether that’s yoga, creative endeavors, or other ways of healing. We will, on occasion, offer events that are open to men and family members. The specific event descriptions will indicate whether men are welcome.


Can I teach a class/offer a program there?

The space is available for you to offer your event or program.   You can also contact us to discuss these opportunities and get answers to questions you may have.


Where can I park?

There is parking on the street out front. Be sure to watch the signs. Also there are spaces in the back of the building. After hours, Widener Insurance has generously offered their lot for over flow after 5:00 pm.

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